Research field

Studies and identification of viruses, virus-like organisms and fungi of grapevine, potatoes and medicinal plants using classical (micro and macroscopic) and modern phytopathological methods (serological and molecular). In vitro and in vivo studies of alternative measures for the control of phytopathogenic fungi (rhizosphere and lactic acid bacteria, essential oils, propolis, copper citrate) for biological protection.


Key publications

1. Ristivojević, P., Stević, T., Starović, M., Pavlović, S., Özcan, M., Berić, T., Dimkić, I. (2020). Phenolic composition and biological activities of geographically different type of propolis and black cottonwood resins against oral streptococci, vaginal microbiota and phytopathogenic Fusarium species. Journal of Applied Microbiology.

2. Ristić, D., Vučurović, I., Kuzmanović, S., Pfaf-Dolovac, E., Aleksić, G., Vučurović, A., Starović, M. (2019). The Incidence and Genetic Diversity of Potato virus S in Serbian Seed Potato Crops. Potato Research, 62:31-46.

3. Starović, M., Ristić, D., Pavlović, S., Ristić, M., Stevanović, M., AlJuhaimi, F., Naydun, S., Özcan, M.M. (2016). Antifungal activities of different essential oils against anise seeds mycopopulations. Journal of Food Safety and Food Quality, 67:72-78.

4. Starović, M., Jošić, D., Pavlović, S., Dražić, S., Poštić, D., Popović, T., Stojanović, S. (2013). The effect of IAA producing Bacillus sp. Q3 strain on marshmallow seed germination. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science 19 (3): 572-577

5. Starović, M., Kuzmanović, S., Gavrilović, V., Aleksić,G., Popović, T.,Stojanović, S., Jošić, D. (2012). Detection and identification of two phytoplasmas – 16SrIII-B and 16SrXII-A from Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) in Serbia. Journal of Phytopathology, 160: 758-760.


Research topics of interest for scientific collaboration

Study of alternative control measures in plant protection.

Research topics of interest for (co)mentoring the master and PhD thesis

Study of alternative control measures in plant protection.

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