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Blagojević J., Vukojević J., Ivanović B., Ivanović Ž. (2020): Characterization of Alternaria Species Associated with Leaf Spot Disease of Armoracia rusticana in Serbia. Plant Disease 104(5), 1378–1389. (Plant Sciences 31/234, IF 3.809)

Blagojević J., Vukojević J., Ivanović Ž. (2020): Occurrence and characterization of Alternaria species associated with leaf spot disease in rapeseed in Serbia. Plant Pathology 69(5), 883–900. (Agronomy 21/91, IF 2.169)

Čkrkić J., Petrović A., Kocić K., Mitrović M., Kavallieratos N.G., Van Achterberg C., Hebert P.D.N., Tomanović Ž. (2020): Phylogeny of the Subtribe Monoctonina (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Aphidiinae). Insects 11(3), 160. (Entomology 18/101, IF 2.220)

Jakovljević M., Jović J., Krstić O., Mitrović M., Marinković S., Toševski I., Cvrković T. (2020): Diversity of phytoplasmas identified in the polyphagous leafhopper Euscelis incisus (Cicadellidae, Deltocephalinae) in Serbia: pathogen inventory, epidemiological significance and vectoring potential. European Journal of Plant Pathology 156(1), 201-221. (Horticulture 9/36, IF 1.744)

Jovanović J., Krnjajić S., Ćirković J., Radojković A., Popović T., Branković G., Branković Z. (2020): Effect of encapsulated lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus L.) essential oil against potato tuber moth Phthorimaea operculella. Crop Protection 132, 105-109. (Agronomy 19/91, IF 2.381)

Oro V., Knezević M., Dinić Z., Delić D. (2020): Bacterial microbiota isolated from cysts of Globodera rostochiensis (Nematoda: Heteroderidae). Plants 9(9), 1146. (Plant Sciences 58/234, IF 2.762)

Oro V., Krnjajić S., Tabaković M., Stanojević J., Ilić–Stojanović S. (2020): Nematicidal Activity of Essential Oils on a Psychrophilic Panagrolaimus sp. (Nematoda: Panagrolaimidae). Plants 9, 1588. (Plant Sciences 58/234, IF 2.762)

Popović T., Jelušić A., Živković L., Živković N., Iličić R., Stanisavljević R., Stanković S. (2020): Identification, genetic characterization and virulence of Serbian Erwinia amylovora isolates. European Journal of Plant Pathology 157(4), 857–872. (Horticulture 9/36, IF 1.744)

Prokić A., Zlatković N., Kuzmanović N., Ivanović M., Gašić K., Pavlović Ž., Obradović A. (2020): Identification and characterization of Dickeya zeae strains associated with maize stalk soft-rot in northern Serbia. European Journal of Plant Pathology 157, 685–691. (Horticulture 9/36, IF 1.744)

Seehausen M.L., Ris N., Driss L., Racca A., Girod P., Warot S., Borowiec N., Toševski I., Kenis M. (2020): Evidence for a cryptic parasitoid species reveals its suitability as a biological control agent. Scientific Reports 10:19096. (Multidisciplinary Sciences 17/71, IF 3.998)

Stošić S., Ristić D., Gašić K., Starović M., Ljaljević Grbić M., Vukojević J., Živković S. (2020). Talaromyces minioluteus: New Postharvest Fungal Pathogen in Serbia. Plant Disease 104(3), 656–667. (Plant Sciences 31/234, IF 3.809)

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