Publications in top international journals (M21a)

Publications in top international journals (M21) - Article

Chetverikov P. E., Cvrković T., Vidović B., Petanović R. (2013). Description of a new relict eriophyoid mite, Loboquintus subsquamatus n. gen. & n. sp (Eriophyoidea, Phytoptidae, Pentasetacini) based on confocal microscopy, SEM, COI barcoding and novel CLSM anatomy of internal genitalia. Experimental and Applied Acarology 61, 1-30. (Entomology 22/87, IF 1.847)

Dimkić I., Živković S., Berić T., Ivanović Ž., Gavrilović V., Stanković S., Fira, D. (2013): Characterization and evaluation of two Bacillus strains, SS-12.6 and SS-13.1, as potential agents for the control of phytopathogenic bacteria and fungi. Biological Control 65(3), 312-321. (Entomology 20/87, IF 1.917)

Kuzmanović N., Ivanović M., Prokić A., Gašić K., Blagojević N., Puławska J., Obradović A. (2013): Identification and characterization of Agrobacterium spp. isolated from apricot in Serbia. European Journal of Plant Pathology 137, 11-16. (Agronomy 21/78, IF 1.610)

Mitrović M., Petrović A., Kavallieratos N., Stary P. Petrović-Obradović O., Tomanović Ž., Vorburger C. (2013): Geographic structure with no evidence for host-associated lineages in European populations of Lysiphlebus testaceipes, an introduced biological control agent. Biological Control 66, 150–158. (Entomology 20/87, IF 1.917)

Pavlović D., Reinhardt F.C., Božić D., Vrbničanin S. (2013): Determination of Conyza canadensis Levels of Sensitivity to Glyphosate Trimesium Sulphosate. International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 15(6), 1091-1097. (Agriculture, Multidisciplinary 17/57, IF 0.940)

Petrović A., Mitrović M., Stary P., Petrović-Obradović O., Žikić V., Tomanović Ž., Vorburger C. (2013): Lysiphlebus orientalis (Hymenoptera, Braconidae), a new invasive aphid parasitoid in Europe – evidence from molecular markers. Bulletin of Entomological Research 103, 451-457. (Entomology 16/87, IF 1.987)

Toševski I., Jović J., Krstić O., Gassmann A. (2013): PCR-RFLP-based method for reliable discrimination of cryptic species within Mecinus janthinus species complex (Mecinini, Curculionidae) introduced in North America for biological control of invasive toadflaxes. BioControl 58, 563–573 (Entomology 10/87, IF 2.215)

Trkulja N., Ivanović Ž., Pfaf-Dolovac E., Dolovac N., Mitrović M., Toševski I., Jović J. (2013): Characterisation of benzimidazole resistance of Cercospora beticola in Serbia using PCR-based detection of resistance-associated mutations of the β-tubulin gene. European Journal of Plant Pathology 135, 889-902. (Agronomy 21/78, IF 1.610)

Publications in top international journals (M21) - News Item

Gašić K., Gavrilović V., Ivanović Ž., Obradoviċ A. (2013): First report of broccoli soft rot caused by Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum in Serbia. Plant Disease 97(11), 1504-1504. (Plant Sciences 53/197, IF 2.455)

Jošić D., Starović M., Stojanović S., Popović T., Dolovac N., Zdravković J., Pavlović S. (2013): First Report of Group 16SrXII-A Phytoplasma Causing Stolbur Disease in Saponaria officinalis Plants in Serbia. Plant Disease 97(3), 420-420. (Plant Sciences 53/197, IF 2.455)

Popović, T., Balaž, J, Starović, M., Trkulja, N., Ivanović, Ž., Ignjatov, M., Jošić, D. (2013). First Report of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris as the Causal Agent of Black Rot on Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus) in Serbia. Plant Disease 97(3), 418-418. (Plant Sciences 53/197, IF 2.455)

Popović T., Ivanović Ž., Živković S., Trkulja N., Ignjatov M. (2013): First Report of Brenneria nigrifluens (Wilson et al.) Hauben et al. as the Causal Agent of shallow-bark canker on walnut trees (Juglans regia L.) in Serbia. Plant Disease 97(11), 1504-1504. (Plant Sciences 53/197, IF 2.455)

Radonjić S., Hrnčić S., Krstić O., Cvrković T., Mitrović M., Jović J., Toševski I. (2013): First report of alder yellows phytoplasma infecting common and grey alder (Alnus glutinosa and A. incana) in Montenegro. Plant Disease 97(5), 686-686. (Plant Sciences 53/197, IF 2.455)

Starović M., Kojić S., Kuzmanović S., Stojanović S., Pavlović S., Jošić D. (2013): The first report of Blueberry reddening disease in Serbia associated with 16SrXII-A (Stolbur) Phytoplasma. Plant Disease 97(12), 1653-1653. (Plant Sciences 53/197, IF 2.455)

Publications in prominent international journals (M22)

Publications in international journals (M23)

Dragićević, V., Spasić, M., Simić, M., Dumanović, Z., Nikolić, B. (2013): Stimulative influence of germination and growth of maize seedlings originating from aged seeds by 2, 4-D potencies. Homeopathy 102(3), 179-186. (Integrative & Complementary Medicine 16/22, IF 0.838)

Dudić B.D., Tomić V.T., Sivčev I., Büchs W., Sivčev L., Graora D., Gotlin-Čuljak T. (2013): New data on spider fauna from northern Serbia. Archives of Biological Sciences 65(4), 1669-1673. (Biology 60/82, IF 0.791)

Gavrilović V., Ivanović Ž., Popović T., Živković S., Stanković S., Berić T., Fira Đ. (2013): Genetic characterization of pathogenic fluorescent Pseudomonads isolated from necrotic cherry and plum buds in Serbia. Genetika 45(3), 953-961. (Agronomy 63/78, IF 0.372)

Giovanni D., Marotti I., Catizone P., Bosi S., Tanveer A., Nadeem Abbas R., Pavlović D. (2013): Germination ecology of Ambrosia artemisiifolia L. and Ambrosia trifida L. biotypes suspected of glyphosate resistance. Central European Journal of Biology 8(3), 286-296. (Biology 58/82, IF 0.818)

Pavlović D., Vrbničanin S., Reinhardt C. (2013): Crop Response to Glyphosate Trimesium Sulphosate. Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca 41(2), 582-589. (Plant Sciences 152/197, IF 0.590)

Popović T., Jošić D., Starović M., Milovanović P., Dolovac N. Poštić D., Stanković S. (2013): Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of Xanthomonas campestris strains isolated from cabbage, kale and broccoli. Archives of Biological Sciences 65 (2), 585-593. (Biology 60/82, IF 0.791)

Poštić D., Starović M., Popović T., Bosnić P., Stanojković-Sebić A., Pivić R., Jošić D. (2013). Selection and RAPD analysis of Pseudomonas ssp. isolates able to improve biological viability of potato seed tubers. Genetika 45(1), 237-249. (Agronomy 63/78, IF 0.372)

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