Research field

Classical biological control of weeds. Taxonomy and insect diversity. Applied and experimental study of invasive pests, integrative pest management (IPM) of insects and weeds. Molecular systematic, population genetics, phylogeny, and integrative taxonomy, especially in cryptic speciation events. Molecular identification and characterization in organisms of economic importance and environmental protection. Vector role of planthoppers and leafhoppers (Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha) and epidemiology of phytoplasma induced diseases (Molicutes, 'Candidatus Phytoplasma').


List of selected key publications

1. Špatenka, K., Gorbunov, O., Laštuvka, Z., Toševski, I., & Arita, Y. (1999). Handbook of Palaearctic Macrolepidoptera. Volume 1. Sesiidae (clear-wing moths). Handbook of Palaearctic Macrolepidoptera. Volume 1. Sesiidae (clear-wing moths). Gem Publishing Company, Wallingford, UK, pp. 569.

2. Toševski I, Caldara R, Jović J, Hernández-vera G, Baviera C, Gassmann A, and Emerson, B.C., 2011. Morphological, molecular and biological evidence reveal two cryptic species in Mecinus janthinus Germar (Coleoptera, Curculionidae), a successful biological control agent of Dalmatian toadflax, Linaria dalmatica (Lamiales, Plantaginaceae). Systematic Entomology. 2011; 36: 741–753.

3. Toševski, I., Caldara, R., Jović, J., Baviera, C., Hernández‐Vera, G., Gassmann, A. and Emerson, B.C., (2014). Revision of Mecinus heydenii species complex (C urculionidae): integrative taxonomy reveals multiple species exhibiting host specialization. Zoologica Scripta, 43(1), pp.34-51.

4. Toševski, I., Caldara, R., Jović, J., Hernández‐Vera, G., Baviera, C., Gassmann, A., & Emerson, B. C. (2015). Host‐associated genetic divergence and taxonomy in the Rhinusa pilosa Gyllenhal species complex: an integrative approach. Systematic Entomology, 40(1), 268-287.

5. Toševski, I., S. E. Sing, R. de Clerck-Floate, A. McClay, D. K. Weaver, M. Schwarzländer, O. Krstić, J. Jović, and A. Gassmann. (2018) Twenty-five years after: post-introduction association of Mecinus janthinus s.l. with invasive host toadflaxes Linaria vulgaris and Linaria dalmatica in North America. Annals of Applied Biology 173, no. 1: 16-34.


List of current projects

International projects

Bilateral project between Croatia and Serbia, no 337-00-205/2019-09/38: Epidemiology, genetic peculiarities and insect vectors of phytoplasma Flavescence dorée in vineyards of Croatia and Serbia.


Research interests for scientific collaboration

Classical biological control of weeds. Molecular systematics of insects and plant pathogens. Integrative taxonomy of economically important insect groups. Invasive insects of relevance for agriculture production. Epidemiology of insect-vector borne plant pathogens. Molecular epidemiology of phytoplasmas.

Research field of interest for (co)mentoring master thesis and doctoral dissertations

Population genetics and cryptic speciation. 

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