Research area

  • Invasion ecology – study of the distribution of invasive alien plants, the importance of riparian zones and roads as the corridors of their spread, habitat affiliation and factors (natural and anthropogenic) affecting the presence and spread of alien invasive plants in natural and anthropogenically-modified habitats.
  • Study of alien plant invasions in protected areas and the impacts of their invasions on the natural communities of native and endangered plant species and protected habitat types.
  • Ecology and biology of weeds – study of weed communities, their biological spectra, phytogeographical characteristics and change dynamics in agroecosystems and ruderal areas.
  • Risk assessment and impact assessment of the introduction and spread of alien and potentially invasive plants in Serbia.
  • Importance of citizen science in the field of invasion ecology.


Five most important research outputs

1. Anđelković, A.A., Pavlović, D.M., Marisavljević, D.P., Živković, M.M., Novković, M.Z., Popović, S.S., Cvijanović, D.L., Radulović, S.B. (2022): Plant invasions in riparian areas of the Middle Danube Basin in Serbia. NeoBiota, 71: 23-48.

2. Anđelković, A.A., Lawson Handley, L., Marchante, E., Adriaens, T., Brown, P.M.J., Tricarico, E., Verbrugge, L.N.H. (2022): A review of volunteers' motivations to monitor and control invasive alien species. NeoBiota, 73: 153-175.

3. Urbanič, G., Politti, E., Rodríguez-González, P. M., Payne, R., Schook, D., Alves, M. H., Anđelković, A., Bruno, D., Chilikova-Lubomirova, M., Di Lonardo, S., Egozi, R., Garófano-Gómez, V., Gomes Marques, I., González del Tánago, M., Gültekin, Y. S., Gumiero, B., Hellsten, S., Hinkov, G., Jakubínský, J., Janssen, P., Jansson, R., Kelly-Quinn, M., Kiss, T., Lorenz, S., Martinez Romero, R., Mihaljević, Z., Papastergiadou, E., Pavlin Urbanič, M., Penning, E., Riis, T., Šibík, J., Šibíková, M., Zlatanov, T., Dufour, S. (2022). Riparian Zones—From Policy Neglected to Policy Integrated. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10, Article 868527.

4. Anđelković, A.A., Živković, M.M., Cvijanović, D.Lj., Novković, M.Z., Marisavljević, D.P., Pavlović, D.M., Radulović, S.B. (2016) The contemporary records of aquatic plants invasion through the Danubian floodplain corridor in Serbia. Aquatic Invasions, 11(4): 381-395.

5. Živković, M. M., Anđelković, A. A., Cvijanović, D. L., Novković, M. Z., Vukov, D. M., Šipoš, Š. Š., Ilić, M. M., Pankov, N. P., Miljanović, B. M., Marisavljević, D. P., Pavlović, D. M., Radulović, S. B. (2019). The beginnings of Pistia stratiotes L. invasion in the lower Danube delta: the first record for the Province of Vojvodina (Serbia). BioInvasions Records, 8(2), 218-229.


List of current projects

International projects

  • COST CA 16208 (CONVERGES) „Knowledge Conversion for Enhancing Management of European Riparian Ecosystems and Services
  • COST CA 17122 (ALIEN-CSI) „Increasing Understanding of Alien Species through Citizen Science
  • ERASMUS+ „Development of master curricula in ecological monitoring and aquatic bioassessment for Western Balkans HEIs (ECOBIAS)“ (609967-EPP-1-2019-1-RS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP)


Areas of interest for scientific collaboration

  • invasion ecology
  • plant ecology
  • ecology and biology of weeds
  • molecular plant ecology

Areas of interest for (co)mentoring Master thesis and PhD thesis

  • mapping of alien invasive plants in natural and anthropogenically-modified habitat types;
  • riparian areas of rivers and canals in Serbia as important plant invasion hotspots;
  • study of plant invasion corridors;
  • study of factors enabling the introduction and spread of invasive alien plants species in natural and seminatural ecosystems;
  • floristic studies of weed flora in agroecosystems, ruderal and urban areas;
  • risk assessment and impact assessment of the introduction and spread of alien and potentially invasive plants in Serbia.
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